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Great Expectations was founded in February 1976. Jeffrey Ullman came up with the idea for video dating when he was speaking to a family friend about the uncomfortable blind dates she had been going on. Before long, the company and popular concept would catch fire and become a household name. Fast forward to 1983 when John Meriggi decided that it was time to settle down and find that special someone. John joined Great Expectations in Houston, TX and would soon find the love of his life, Cheryl. John and Cheryl were married in the fall of 1986 and just recently celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary with their two grown children. Because of John’s life-changing experience as a Great Expectations Member, he decided to purchase his own franchise back in 1990 and presently owns 14 locations throughout the country dedicated to assisting clients find the same happiness and romance he found with his wife Cheryl.

In business now for more than 35 years, Great Expectations remains the leader in innovative dating solutions and Member focused service. Great Expectations takes the time to pre-screen all clients before bringing them in for an in-person interview. Once the client is brought in for an interview, a background check is conducted to ensure member safety. Great Expectations does all of the photos and videography for their members. This not only cuts back on misrepresentation, but creates a “no-blind date” experience. Different from online dating, Great Expectations offers a genuine and authentic dating experience free of misrepresentation, fake or misleading profiles, non-screened backgrounds, or any of the other hurdles singles encounter in day-to-day places, and especially on the internet.

Please take your time looking around our site and if you have any questions or would like to learn more feel free to call us or fill out an information request form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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